Joie de vivre

“Joie de vivre” and enjoying the present moment – these are the values that «Tot bé» stands for. Because in my eyes, wine is more than just an alcoholic beverage. It stands for regalement and passion. Wine is only that good as the grapes from which it was produced. That is the reason why I have chosen the region Priorat in Catalonia.

The second largest wine region in Spain not only benefits from its abundance of sunshine, but also from mineral soils, which enable the grapes to mature perfectly. Ideal conditions that give the region’s wines authenticity and character.

At the same time, Catalonia stands for a unique attitude towards life, in which eating and drinking play a very special role. Both are here celebrated amply. That is why Catalans are paying attention to quality. When growing the grapes, as well as when producing the actual wine.

Where, if not here, would be the ideal place to make my dream of my own wine come true? A wine that embodies the happiness that surrounds me in life. A wine that stands for quality, joie de vivre and happiness. Summarized in the name “Tot bé” – which means: “all is good”.