A dream comes true

As the daughter of a Frenchman, I have the passion and love for excellent food and drinks in my DNA. Therefore, there is nothing better for me than a nicely laid table with friends and family sitting around it, laughing, eating and enjoying a good glass of wine. Preferably one from our own production. I have been dreaming of this for 20 years.

After a completing a formation in wine management, I decided in 2016 to make my dream come true. In Catalunya, Spain, DO Montsant, I bought around 6,500 kg of grapes to produce my own wine. After three years of maturing the organically grown wine in high-quality wooden barrels, it was bottled in June 2019 and can now be ordered in order to enjoy a well matured wine from DO Montsant.

The path to reach my goal was not always easy. I would therefore like to thank those who have given me advices and practical help to realize my dream.

Thank you to David, Dani, Ana, Maria, Pep, Toni, Cesc, Jordì, Ran, Suly, Eugenie, Ruth, Alain, Isabelle, Nicole, Maria, Meret, Lieni, Beatrice, Matthias, Jochen, Katrin, Susi, Reto, Rai, Jordì, Montse, Ramòn, Miquel, Felix